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Home Yoga- Private

Some well-deserved one-on-one time!

This class is great for those who are looking to begin their yoga journey or who are looking to dig a little deeper into their own practice.

The Canadian Yogi, yoga teacher at St. Eriksplan Stockholm


The Canadian Yogi, yoga teacher at St. Eriksplan Stockholm


A vinyasa, hatha, or gentle yoga class held on either a yoga mat or a chair. Classes are held in your home or online and are suitable for all levels.


1-2 participants

A 15-minute consultation is included to better understand the collective needs and levels of the participants.

The Benefits of  Yoga

Muscle strength and

°Protect yourself from back pain and injury

°Increase confidence

°Weight reduction

°Increase balance 

°Can make you look and feel younger 


°Drains your lymphatic system, which helps to fight infection, destroy cancer cells, and dispose of toxic waste production

°Increase cardio and circulatory health

°Less time sick, more time to spend with friends and family


Serotonin levels

°Makes you feel happier
°Less depression
°Better relationships at home and in the workplace


Ability to relax

°Increase the chance of having a deep sleep
°Less stress and anxiety 

°Increase ability to focus 

°Increase ability to solve problems, acquire
information and recall information better 

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