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Corporate Yoga 

Not your average work meeting! 

This is a low-cost solution for companies to relieve workplace stress, promote employee well-being, increase productivity, and thus increase the success of your company! 

Group Yoga

A vinyasa, hatha, or gentle yoga class held on either a yoga mat or a chair. Classes are held at your specific workplace and are suitable for all levels.


Maximum: 15 participants

A 15-minute consultation is included to better understand the collective needs and levels of the participants. 

How it works

I travel to your office at a time that is best for you.


I teach a yoga class in your office with the consideration of the collective needs of the participants.

Your employees walk away feeling less stressed, recharged, and more confident. Contributing to more efficient work.

The increase in productivity will positively affect the success of your business.

The Benefits
of  Yoga

Muscle strength & flexibility

° Protect from back pain

° Increase confidence 


°Drains your lymphatic system, which helps to fight infection, destroy cancer cells, and dispose of toxic waste production

°Decreased chance of getting sick, leading to less sick leave

Serotonin levels

 °Makes you feel happier

°Less depression

°Better relationships in the workplace and at home 


°Increase ability to focus
 °Increase ability to solve problems, acquire information, and recall information better
°Increase the chance of having a deep sleep 

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